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A website is your online identity. And you can’t risk your identity in order to keep going. A website can single-handedly make or break your business and that’s why you need to avoid as many mistakes as you can. In fact, 75% of the online consumers have admitted to the fact that they judge a business’s credibility through the website. That’s when we decided to come up with the most common yet lethal mistakes found in the websites. You need to know about them and fix them if your site consists of the same mistakes.

When we talked to a renowned SEO Company in Kolkata, Intlum Technology, we got to know about a range of mistakes made by the website owners. So, let’s get into the mistakes without wasting further words.

1. Outdated Business Info

If you don’t keep your business info up-to-date, it will be an obstacle between you and the success you are aiming at. When you don’t put your current and updated business information on your website, your potential customers would not be attracted to it and it may cause you miss a lot of consumers and revenue eventually. Moreover, an incomplete information would harm your ranking on Google as well! If you don’t have the contact information matched with the WHOIS information, it will be a disaster in terms of ranking.

On the other hand, if the customers don’t find your email address or phone number to be authentic or they are not accessible anymore, it will be disheartening for them and they will simply abandon your website.

2. Bad Images

You need to remember one fact that an image is equal to thousand words and the images bring the maximum engagement. So, the use of images should always be correct and engaging at the same time. The bad images can be low quality image on your website or the poor product images.

Moreover, the wrong use of images can also convey the uncompressed images. When you don’t resize or compress your images, it makes your site heavier with their size. And the heavier your site is, the slower your site loads.

On top of that, the blurry images, bad lighting or other sort of images can make your website look absolutely unprofessional and unattractive. Also, you should use the stock images as less as possible since that portrays a fakeness. So, use your own photos and leave your own impact on the site.

3. Slow Loading Time

Slow website loading time is one of the most lethal mistakes made by most of the website owners which make them suffer in long run. When your website doesn’t load fast, your website visitors wait for long. And trust us when we say nobody on the internet likes to wait for a lengthier period. In fact, when it comes to the website loading time, it has been seen that, on an average, people tend to leave a website after waiting for three seconds while loading.

Considering the huge impact of website loading time on the user experience, Google has also started the AMP project (Accelerated Mobile Page) which makes a website lightning fast. On top of all, the website loading time is also considered as one of the most important aspects of ranking these days.

In order to make your website load faster, you may eliminate some unused or unnecessary plugins from your website or compress images and clear some codes. Whatever you do, keep your website fast enough to attract the visitors.

4. No Call to Action

Lack of call to action can harm your site more than you can ever imagine. The CTA or Call to Action is the element on your website which ultimately converts the visitors into consumers. Most of the website owners repeat the same mistake over and again – either they don’t create no CTA or they make it too salesy which irritates the users a lot.

Your CTA should be well crafted and well-optimized in order to grab the clients. The CTA can be of many types – it can be a button which leads to a form or takes the visitors to the social media profile which will call for more engagement. A subscribe button can also be a viable CTA which will eventually grab the visitors’ information. Those information can be used later for email marketing or you can call them up and provide your services.

5. Less Marketing

Marketing has always been one of the issues associated with the majority of the websites out there. They don’t put effort on marketing as much as they put on creating the website. That makes a huge difference in the outcome. The marketing of a website revolves around SEO and digital marketing. So, it’s not like the conventional marketing that you are used to of.

The search engine optimization, social media optimization, and paid marketing are something which can make your website shine on the digital platform. The most convenient of them all is the search engine optimization which takes your website to the number one position on the Google SERP.

Most of the website owners thinks that just creating a website would bring them all the eyeballs but the fact is completely different – without the marketing, you won’t get a single visitor.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all for the wrong moves regarding a website. The website is a valued possession of yours and you should try to avoid all the mistakes as much as possible. The above points would help you achieve the finest goal possible with eliminating all the mistakes done commonly. Moreover, if you are looking for a higher ranking and good traffic on your site, the first thing to do is to correct these errors and improve them on a continuous basis. If everything done right, you can expect a good ranking, user experience, and a never-ending flow of traffic that will surely keep you ahead of your competitors and at the top of the game.



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